Japan is really into squids now and kids now

Pure domination

Nintendo’s Splatoon is enamoring people everywhere it releases. The family-friendly shooter has fans across the world transforming from kid to squid and back again. That influence extends to Japan, where players are eating it up.

According to the latest Media Create figures (as published by 4Gamer), Splatoon was the top-selling game in Japan last week. It finished just shy of 145,000 sales — over 100,000 more than runner-up Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX. That’s an impressive showing, especially considering that Japanese audiences aren’t known for readily adopting console games.

Splatoon also seems responsible for moving a fair number of Nintendo consoles off of shelves. The Wii U was the best-selling hardware of the week in Japan with 17,713 sales. The Vita came in second because no matter how great Splatoon is, Japanese gamers still want their handhelds.


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