Japan is getting some limited edition Danganronpa V3 PS4 and Vita consoles

They’ll be available in time for the game’s Japanese launch

On the Japanese PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced the availability of a collection of PlayStation consoles that are based off of Spike Chunsoft’s upcoming Visual Novel, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

The first of the Danganronpa V3-themed consoles is a PlayStation 4 that features a depiction of Monokuma on it. Much like the PS4 consoles based off of Fate/EXTELLA, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV, this is one of the cheaper Slim models rather than the more powerful Pro hardware, which I still think is a bit of a wasted opportunity.

To put it simply, I feel like it’s a lot easier for anyone who already owns a PS4 to justify the purchase of a new and expensive piece of gaming hardware if it offer a tangible increase in performance or graphical fidelity. Likewise, I can see more new PS4 owners gravitating towards a Pro unit for those very same reasons.

With that said, it is still a rather attractive machine. I do have to admit that I vastly prefer the aesthetics of it over that of a rather plain-looking PS4 Pro.

The Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony PS4 will set you back ¥33,480 ($285 USD approx.) for the 500GB model or ¥38,480 ($325 USD approx.) in order to bump that disk space up to 1TB. Of course, PS4 hard drives are entirely user-replaceable, so it’s entirely possible to buy a 500GB console, then buy a 1TB drive later down the line.

Alongside the PS4 Slim console, Sony is also releasing two PS Vita variants. That is to say that there’ll be a choice between a black or white unit. Each of of these handheld consoles displays both an image of Monokuma and various 8-bit sprites based off of the cast of Danganronpa V3.

These handhelds will retail for ¥20,980, or approximately $180 USD.

While I highly doubt that the limited edition Danganronpa V3 consoles will make it to the West, it should definitely be noted that no current-gen PlayStation device is region-locked as far as gaming is concerned.

I should also mention that while none of these devices will come with a copy of Dangnaronpa V3, they will have a theme based off of the upcoming visual novel pre-installed on them.

All of these consoles will be released on January 12, which corresponds with the Japanese launch date of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

“PlayStation 4 x Danganronpa V3 Limited Edition” [PlayStation Japan via Gematsu]

Lilian C