Japan is getting another Mega Man-themed cafe

Rockman x Capcom Cafe

Japan has random video game themed cafes at nearly every turn (especially in Tokyo), including a dedicated Capcom cafe that has Mega Man merch year round. But every so often a publisher like Capcom will open up a special pop-up for a limited time to celebrate an event — like Mega Man’s 30th anniversary.

According to Famitsu, an anniversary Mega Man cafe will be opening up in Aeon Lake Town in Koshigaya — a place that sounds like it’s from an anime but is actually Japan’s “largest eco-friendly shopping center” — for a limite dtime.

You’ll be able to get Mega Man food and merch there from February 22 until March 28, and Capcom is rather mum on what that merch actually is outside of the above teaser image.

Rockman x Cafe [Famitsu via Rockman Corner]

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