Japan is getting a pretty bitchin’ Pokemon promo at KFC

Straw figurines are the best

Does anyone else use straws a lot? I have a giant pack of them in my house to use at all times. When I go out I don’t tend to partake, but at home, there’s nothing better than a giant glass of icewater with a straw.

Anyway, these straw buddies over at KFC in Japan are really dope, and I want them — all of them. Starting March 17 you’ll be able to pick them up for 190 yen (roughly $1.50), or you could just spring for the 2500 yen complete pack, which nets you a stand, all six figures, six free drink coupons, and a tote bag.

I doubt this will come here, since KFC is immensely bigger in Japan, but I can dream.

Pokemon characters [Rocket News 24]

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