Japan is getting a Hokuto ga Gotoku demo tomorrow

Time to bust out the Japanese PSN account

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While we still have no word on whether or not Hokuto ga Gotoku is coming West, we’ll soon be able to check out the game thanks to the miracle of the internet. Japan is getting a demo on the PlayStation Network tomorrow, so all you need to do is create a Japanese PSN account and get to downloading.

The demo includes two scenarios to get you accustomed to the gameplay. One is a tutorial battle against Kenshiro’s longtime foe, Shin, while the other includes a bunch of side activities like driving a buggy and being able to explore a bit of the new town, Eden. While the language barrier might be a bit of a problem (navigating the PSN is a nightmare in English, let alone something you can’t read), previous Yakuza demos have been pretty straight forward. I know I’m definitely checking this out, because I can’t wait to see how this game looks in motion.

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