Japan is getting a four pack for the new Breath of the Wild amiibo

I can’t unsee the out-of-order package art

Would it be weird to buy some but not all of the Zelda: Breath of the Wild champion amiibo set?

That’s how I roll (Duck Hunt, King Dedede, and Green Yarn Yoshi round out my “collection”), and I don’t want Daruk watching over me while I sleep or while I do literally anything, for that matter.

Nintendo of Japan is taking online pre-orders for a bundle with Urbosa, Revali, Mipha, and Daruk for 6,480 yen. It’s unclear when exactly these will ship, but they’ll be out sometime this year.

For now, let’s have a good chuckle at where these figures’ stands are positioned.

[Nintendo Store via Amiibo News]

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