Japan is getting 30th anniversary Mega Man stamps, so you can mail all those new Rockman games out

Yep all the compilations

Will we ever get a new Mega Man game? There’s a chance. I mean if Capcom didn’t announced it at TGS during the highly anticipated 30th anniversary stream it’s likely there isn’t going to be anything anytime soon, but if the time is right, and Capcom can farm it out to another developer, there’s probably a chance.

In the meantime, more merch is on the way. Announced by way of the Japan Post’s website, there’s gong to be a set of stamps celebrating the 30th anniversary of Mega Man, or specifically, Mega Man 1. All of its Robot Masters (including Roll, Rockman, Wily, and Dr. Light) are represented, and it’ll also come with a t-shirt. If you’re located in Japan you can reserve the set on November 20 for 5,400 yen (or roughly $50).

So when that new Mega Man game eventually does come out in Japan, you can mail it to all your friends. Or not.

Rockman [Japan Post via Rockman Corner]

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