Japan gets three new DSi color options, rubs it in our face

Grrr. I hate that the DSiWare titles are region-specific. I would have imported a DSi a long time ago if it wasn’t for that. I’d do anything for even slightly bigger screens, never mind all the other new crap it does. But we’re still waiting for our April release, and now Japan is showing off some new colors.

Today a Japanese Nintendo press release tells us about three new DSi units. There’s Pink, Lime Green, and Metallic Blue, which join the previously available White and Black ones. All three go on sale in Japan on March 20th, and all will sell for 18,900 yen ($195 by today’s crap conversion rate). 

At least America is getting that special Blue color on the April 5th release date. Europe and Austraulia only got White and Black this time.

Dale North