Japan gets retail disc with ‘Splosion Man, Limbo, Trials

Lots of kick-ass games on one disc! Japan is getting this nice bundle of XBLA titles — Trials HD, Limbo and ‘Splosion Man — as a collection on one disc. It will be called a Triple Pack and it will hit shelves here on May 19 for 2,980 yen (about $34).

The Xbox Japan webpage for this release pitches the games a bit differently that they’d be sold here, but what really matters is that these good games get put in front of a large group of gamers that may have missed them before.

What a nice little collection. I wonder if we’ll get the same disc in the future. I think the price is right for many westerns to be tempted as well.

Trials HD, Limbo and ‘Splosion Man Triple Pack coming to Japan [XBLA Fans]

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