Japan gets Persona 2 PSP on March 3, 2011

We finally have a release date for the Persona 2 portable update for PSP. For Japan. The latest Famitsu confirms the release date as being March 3, 2011, with the price set at ¥6,279. That means nothing for those waiting for a US version other than it being done and ready to localize. Atlus USA, what’s up?

The Famitsu issue also has details on the game’s improved Fusion Spell system. Andria Sang tells us that the battle screen has been reworked to show a permanent time line for party members so that you can plan out your fusion use a little easier now. This feature lets you pile up spells from party members in a certain order to make huge attacks.

The issue also has an interview with key members of the Satellite staff that created the game’s opening animation. Game director Shouji Meguro joked that in the event of Persona 2 Eternal Punishment being remade as well, he’d definitely like to work with Satellite again. Dude, don’t tease.

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