Japan gets merch based on original Pokemon sprites

Celebrating 20 years in style

Some new, 20th anniversary Pokemon junk is going on sale in Japan this month. February 27, if you want to plan a trip around it. Playing up the re-releases of Red, Blue, and Yellow (and their subsequent themed 2DS models in Japan), Amazon Japan and Pokemon Center retailers will be selling things based around the original artwork.

Cushions: ¥2500
Pikachu hat: ¥5900
Not Pikachu hat: ¥5400
T-shirts: ¥1500
Backpack: ¥8200
Bag: ¥6800
Keychain: ¥450
Pen case: ¥800
File folder: ¥280
Hand towel: ¥400
Bigger towel: ¥1000

Those shirts suck bad. But the pillows, bag and backpack are aight.

Pokemon sprite merchandise to be sold in Japan starting February 27 [Nintendo Everything]

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