Japan gets Fragile pre-order soundtrack; we’re left holding our flashlights

If it wasn’t enough that Japan is getting the Namco Bandai’s beautiful Wii “ruin exploration” game Fragile, now they’re getting a special pre-order soundtrack.

For those that pre-order the game before its January 22 release date, they’ll get a bonus soundtrack CD. This Fragile Special Soundtrack will contain 10 songs, including the beautiful main theme. Dengeki says that the supplies are limited in number, so they’ll want to reserve early. Believe me, we would if we could.

Between this title and Tatsunoko VS Capcom,we find ourselves daydreaming of owning a Japanese Wii. We really dug Fragile when we played it at the Tokyo Game Show this year. Let’s hope Namco Bandai does the right thing and brings it here. I’m sure the soundtrack will not be a pre-order bonus here, though.

Dale North