Japan gets a really boring Tales of Graces bundle

Oh hey! Look at that new Tales of Graces Wii bundle! It looks … well, it looks exactly like the regular Wii. Sadly, although we don’t have any photos of it yet, it looks as if this may be exactly what it’s going to look like — nothing special.

Siliconera reports that this bundle has been announced for a December 10th release and consist of the Wii console, the game and a Classic Controller Pro combo for 27,800 yen ($315). On its own, Tales of Graces is 7,329 yen ($83). Wait, WHAT? $83 for a Wii game? I liked it when I played it at TGS, but not $83 kind of liked it. We’ll have to see how it gets priced when and if it gets a US release.

Colette Bennett