Japan gets a gorgeous NieR Replicant collector’s edition

White Snow Edition

Among the many things NieR has going for it are its memorable characters, stunning artwork, and beautiful soundtrack. It makes perfect sense that a big fancy collector’s edition would lean into all those things.

Square Enix has revealed the NieR Replicant White Snow Edition. It’s a PS4 exclusive that seems to only be set to release in Japan. It runs ¥19,800 (about $190).

Here’s what’s in the White Snow Edition:

  • NieR Replicant game
  • A three-pin badge set of the White Book, Black Book, and Crimson Book
  • A seven-volume set of books that contains the Japanese voice recording script
  • A two-CD limited edition soundtrack that comes inside a white book
  • A steelbook case that features concept art

Now that I’m on the record as a NieR: Automata lover, I could not be more jazzed to play NieR Replicant for the first time. Do I need the White Snow Edition to commemorate that? No. Am I going to try to convince Niero to export it to me? TBD. Do I need to go back through this post and count how many times I wrote “Snow White Edition?” Yes. (I did it twice.)

NieR Replicant White Snow Edition [Square Enix]

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