Japan freaks over Monster Hunter Tri, Wii sales triple

I’m a new convert to the whole Monster Hunter thing, but I can already say that I’m addicted. I’ve been playing Freedom Unite on the PSP, and it’s like digital crack. I think I now get where the Japanese following for this series comes from now. We haven’t had the pleasure of trying out the newest game of the series, Monster Hunter Tri, but it seems that half a million people in Japan already have…and it just came out!

Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii sold 520,000 copies in two days in Japan, making it the best seller of any game format overall. And because it’s a Wii title, Wii sales jumped up almost 300 percent. In one week, Japanese gamers snapped up almost 100,000 Wii consoles!

I’m glad that Capcom USA is taking care of us. Normally I’d bitch about how Japan has all the fun, but Capcom just announced that Monster Hunter Tri is coming to the US and Europe early next year. Thanks so much, Capcom!

[via GI]

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