Japan devs want in on that iPhone game money

It seems that western game developers are all for making iPhone games. They’re betting on Apple’s vision of touchscren gaming for the masses, and I’m sure that we’ll have seen more mobile games than ever before at this year’s E3.

But what is Japan’s view on the iPhone and gaming? The iPhone didn’t have the strongest start in Japan, but now it seems that the public is warming up to it a bit. Developers? They’re all for it. Japanese middleware developer CRI found that 87 of game devs surveyed were interested, says Joystiq. And as for reasons why, they cite the large userbase and the accessibility and success of the Apple App Store. The biggest reason is because these companies can launch a product in 80 countries simultaneously.

So get ready for more screen flicking, finger swiping, and “driving” by tilting the device left and right. Everyone likes money, even the Japanese; you can’t blame them for wanting to jump on the bandwagon.

Dale North