Japan bans R4, Japanese gamers shrug and continue playing

I’m a fu*cking nerd, and that’s why I insist on having the actual game in my collection over some download. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the charms of an end-all cartridge that holds several games, does emulation, runs homebrew code, plays music, and much more. I can’t promise that everyone rocking an R4 is doing legal things with it, but I’d like to think that plenty of gamers are.

The R4 flash cart is “big in Japan,” but it may start seeing a decline in popularity after the outlawing of sales of this device. The Tokyo District Court has granted an injunction against the makers of the R4, knocking it out of retail stores forever. TechRadar says that Nintendo, Square Enix and Capcom are all backing the Japanese court’s decision, calling the device a “violation” of Japanese law.

Has there been any word of this device working on Nintendo’s DSi system? I’m not asking for me, of course.

Dale North