Jango my Fett: BioWare confirms Bounty Hunter class in SW:TOR

Finally. In the latest video documentary for Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare confirmed the existence of a third class, the Bounty Hunter. BioWare hinted at the class several times during the reveal event last year, whenever conversation steered away from the utilization of Jedi or Sith Force powers.

Like the Jedi and Sith, BioWare are planning to a class-specific story for the Bounty Hunter. Daniel Erickson, lead writer for the game, spoke about it in the video (available after the break). “You’re going to have as much choice in that one class as you would have had in an entire Bioware game before, because every single class gets its own story, and that’s a story personal to the player,” Erickson said. “He gets to have his own Star Wars trilogy”

In one scene in the documentary, a Bounty Hunter is shown hovering above an enemy with the aid of a jetpack. My ridiculous hope is that the jetpack will function as a weapon more so than a tool for mobility. I can’t say that I’ve ever torched a Jedi’s legs, but the prospect of such an attack is tantalizing.

[via Eurogamer]

Oh, and by the way, the second issue of the Star Wars: The Old Republic comic is available here.

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