Jam Sessions goes up to 11: I couldn’t make this post without a Tap reference

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Listen people, you cannot argue with math.

The success of the upcoming DS rhythm game Jam Sessions is as simple as Johnny Cash + Nirvana covering Bowie – Ben “Have you seen our MySpace?” Gibbard x wacky amp peripheral = Jesus riding a pterodactyl!

The just announced peripheral may cause many to scratch their heads in confusion, but even if the thing is a total gimmick, you’re still left with one of the most impressive tracklistings ever shoehorned into a rhythm game. The only question that remains now is how many copies you’ll buy for yourself and how many you’ll use to impress alt-porn models who might crash on your couch after a night of binging on coke and pot stickers.

Oh, and don’t try that math thing on them. They’ll just give you a confused look before spilling Corona all over your coffee table. Trust me. 

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