JAKKS releasing more Kinectimals plus toys in 2011

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I enjoyed Kinectimals for what it as, but am I willing to buy plush tiger toys? Nah. But there’s definitely a market for this stuff, as Microsoft has teamed with JAKKS Pacific to launch an assortment of Kinectimals stuffed toys starting in Spring of 2011.

We already know of two toys you can get right now — you can get the King Cheetah and Maltese Tiger by purchasing Kinectimals “limited edition” for $59.99 at Toys “R” Us and GameStop respectively. There’s a pretty unique twist to the toys, too: players can use Kinect to scan a tag associated with the toy to put the respective animal in the game. Five new animals will be available next year in the first wave of new toy releases, JAKKS says.

I’ve been a bit busy, and I have to admit I haven’t played Kinectimals since I wrote my review. Maybe things would be different if I had a child in the house who was interested. My wife found it endearing, but she’s more hooked on Dance Central and… reading books. (What’s with that? That’s not even a game!)

Anyone with children seeing Kinectimals love in their homes? Any adults giving their furry virtual pals love?

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