Jake Gyllenhaal looking good: first Prince of Persia costume spotted

I had a bit of a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal back when he did Donnie Darko, but considering my burning love for the film, I figured it could have just been intensified by it. By the time I saw Jarhead, I had realized it wasn’t a passing thing — Jake Gyllenhaal was a hell of an actor, not to mention one handsome slab of man meat. Move over Reggie Fils-Aime, there’s a new steak in town.

I was pleased to hear that Jake would be playing the main role in the upcoming Prince of Persia film, and today the first picture of him in costume popped up on the internet. The only word I can think of: yowza. He’s put on some serious mass to play the role, and looks like he could slam you into the side of a brick wall faster than you can blink and eye. The costume also looks pretty solid. Is this the way you envisioned the Prince, or are you planning to run as far away from the film as humanly possible?

[Via Slashfilm — Thanks, Tim]

Colette Bennett