Jaffe tosses out tentative date for mystery PS3 title

David Jaffe, the man behind God of War, is making three PlayStation 3 titles. One of the games is rumored to be a new Twisted Metal, but the second and third games are anyone’s guess. Despite the toss-up, we do have a tentative launch date (2010) for the mysterious title. This Wednesday, Jaffe updated his blog and dropped the time hint.

From the posting:

Who knows [about a possible date]. [I’m] going to visit Sony today but we [probably] won’t pick a launch day. My gut/guess tells me we’re looking sometime in 2010. Certainly not later than that. Perhaps sooner.

It’s meager, yes, but at least the game is somewhere near completion. It is certainly better than “cancelled” or “switched publishers.” Hopefully, when the details get hammered out we’ll be able to get a taste of what Jaffe’s been doing. But until then, we can only speculate. My bet is it won’t be a Mickey Mouse game.

[via GamePro]

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