Jaffe responds to NoE’s ‘geeks and otaku’ claim

Yesterday, many Destructoid readers were upset to hear Nintendo of Europe’s Laurent Fischer (that’s a dude!) thoughts on the Wii storage limit problem, as he feels that only “geeks and otaku” desire additional memory for their little white console. You all weren’t the only ones pissed off at the Edge magazine quote from their WiiWare launch coverage in Europe. 

The easily angered but always awesome God of War designer David Jaffe had some choice words for Nintendo after catching word of this quote. In a blog post, he blasts Nintendo for snubbing their loyal fanbase for mainstream success. 

Ok, so if this is true, it’s really, really sad.

And not so much because Nintendo seems to be telling a chunk of its loyal fanbase to go f*ck itself, but because it’s [sic] just reeks of junior high school vibe immaturity bullshit.

He continues with a movie analogy that he totally loses me on, but I’m totally with him on his love of the “old Nintendo.” He says that both the old and new Nintendo should be proud of their accomplishments. But he can’t get over Fischer’s comment.

a marketing person who has no real clue about games and thinks she’s being cute and coy by dissing the ‘geeks’ cause she thinks the mainstream loves them now….if this is the case, she really needs someone to sit her down and explain to her which side her f*cking toast has been buttered on for years and will eventually get back to being buttered on….

Wow, he’s pissed! He’s channeling Kratos here!

[Via GamesIndustry]

Dale North