Jaffe calls Blu-ray in the PS3 a mistake

In our pal Geoff Keighley’s newest edition of Bonus Round, the very outspoken David Jaffe speaks out on the PlayStation 3 and Sony’s decision to include the pricey technology. Most of the episode deals with Jaffe and his current mood on the industry, but here’s the basics of what he said when Geoff asked him what he’d change about the console as they teased to the next part of the episode:

“I probably would have taken the Blu-ray out and sold it for less money.”

I have always loved Jaffe’s honesty and you gotta hand it to him for not holding back on this even though Sony more or less signs his checks. Please watch this Bonus Round episode, you’ll be glad you did. Seriously, drop what you’re doing and watch this.

[Via GameDaily


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