Jackass: The Game; at least it’s funnier than Ray Romano

(Editor’s Note: The above video contains 83% of your daily recommended allotment of homoeroticism; as such, the friendly staff of your local Destructoid politely recommend that you not play it at work, at a funeral, or in front of anyone fond of Seth Rogen comedies. — Nex)

I don’t think I’ve ever managed to sit through an entire episode of Jackass. Between my utter disdain for fashionable irony and all the women I’ve dated who would prefer a discussion of René Descartes followed by a polite kiss on the cheek (so as to remain pure in the eyes of the Lorde), MTV’s seminal television chronicle of what lengths a man will go to for fame, money and an evening knee-deep in the fires of Lohan never managed to take hold with me.

… Which makes it even more confusing that I managed to watch that entire video. Aside from it being surprisingly well animated, the clip documents what must be the lamest rhythm game in the long, lame history of rhythm games, and I’m not even going to point out that you have to stare at e-Pontius’s Carl Winslow the whole time, either. 

Is anyone excited about this title? How high are you? 

Earnest Cavalli
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