Jack Thompson: The man, the myth, the incompetent lawyer

In addition to being a “horrid person”, an “attention whore”, and “a guy I wouldn’t rent a van to, for fear that he’d fill it with candy (for nefarious purposes)”, Jack Thompson can now add “tremendously incompetent legal practitioner” to his ever-growing list of unflattering subtitles.

According to Game Politics, the suit Jacko brought against Brian Crecente’s Hair Palace Gawker Media minion Kotaku, has been thrown out by Federal District Court Judge Paul “Check Yo’ Self, Before You Wreck Yo’ Self” Huck. His High Holy Judgeship declared that Mr. Thompson amended his complaints without using proper legal procedures, and that due to this gross miscalculation, his complaints have been thrown out. Possibly into a mud puddle.

Jack, on behalf of Jack, has claimed that Jack was distracted, both by the Florida Bar (the same association that seems to be maliciously persecuting him, his family, his dead ancestors, and this girl he used to date) and by an unnamed website that published his home address and phone number.

As much as this post was all about making fun of Jack, for the hundredth time this week, we cannot recommend posting people’s personal information on this here Internet. Remember kids: it’s all fun and games until someone catches a home invasion/rape/lynching in the eye.

Earnest Cavalli
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