Jack puts Target in his sights: sting, or aiding in child delinquency?

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GamePolitics is reporting that the man everybody loves to hate is at it yet again. This time he fell for the hype, and sent his underage son on a mission to secure a copy of Halo 3 from Target — in the name of justice:

Miami attorney and anti-violent video game activist today did a successful sting on Target Corporation.  His fifteen-year-old son, on the first try, was able to buy the “Mature-rated” Halo 3 without producing any age ID at the Dadeland Station Target.

While he may think that he’s stringing together critical hits in the name of his own personal agenda, he might want to consider the possible ramifications of his actions. Little Johnny sure is racking up some nice games. Wouldn’t it be amusing if he turned into one of us — and Jack’s antics helped propel him in that direction? If nothing else, at least Jack has good taste in games, should he ever see the error in his ways. Too bad he’d likely be more of a burden on the industry than an actual ally, should he ever choose to join us. For such a highly educated man, he sure doesn’t think things through to their logical conclusion.

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