Jack is back and in video form (update)

Jack Thompson is like a bad fart that lingers in the room forever. No matter how many times you light a match, open a window or spray air freshener, Jack will always be there.

Jack’s latest venture was to team up with independent filmmaker Spencer Halpin to make his documentary, Moral Kombat. Moral Kombat looks at video game violence and the terrifying effects they have on young people today.

Watch the trailer for a special appearance by Mr. Joe Lieberman.

I’ll be the first to agree that children shouldn’t be playing violent video games, but that’s why there is the rating system to begin with. As long as the stores don’t sell the games they shouldn’t to minors, then the video game industry has done their job.

Once a game leaves a store, parents are responsible. Don’t blame the industry if you buy little Tommy Crackdown and he ends up thinking that killing is great fun.

Jack, the debate has been done to death and there is nothing your wacky little self can do about it. Video games are the future of the media world and nothing will stop them from dominating the market.

If the government wants to keep the bad games out of the hands of the children, then start a program to inform the parents about the rating system. The problem lies with the parents of these children and not with the industry. 

For less information about this video, hit the non-existent Web site, Moralkombatmovie.com or their MySpace page.

[Updated: Ready the party favors kids, because our favorite wacky lawyer could possibly lose his license to practice law. Jack Thompson has been recommended for review by the Florida Supreme Court after 5 accounts of professional misconduct. What does this mean for all us gamers?

It means that Jack could be facing possible disciplinary action and disbarment, which also means no more lawsuits for Jack against video game companies. Imagine a world without wacky Jackie and his silly e-mails to public officials. No more giant posters in the court rooms and no more personal messages from Jack claiming “I told you so” every time a kid shoots someone.

I think I might actually miss the old guy. Wait, no I won’t.

But Jack isn’t going to take this lying down. When GamePolitics.com asked Jack for an official response, he responded:

A referee is appointed and we have a trial.  The Supreme Court reviews it later.  The trial isn’t going to happen, however.  I have sued The Bar in Circuit Court.  It’s in far more trouble than I am.

[Via GamePolitics.com and video from 99Lives.org]]

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