Jack in to these new Mindjack screens

The fact that Square’s Mindjack is coming out next week blows my mind, especially since I keep forgetting that it exists.

That’s not to say that it might not be a great game; hell, I’m willing to give anything a chance. It’s unfortunate that the game has an incredibly generic vibe, from its name to its look, and these new screens aren’t doing it any justice. Robots, some guns, I think I see a laser in there somewhere…

The hook, of course, is that you can “jack” into and control enemies and vehicles. Kind of hard to show that off in a few screens, and gameplay’s what really matters, right? We’ll know next week, I guess — Mindjack hits shelves on January 18 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


In the batch of images we were sent today, one looks like this:

…another, like this:

Killing me with the variety, guys.

Nick Chester