Jace Hall Show prompts StarCraft II beta rumors

I’m not playing the StarCraft II beta right now. Are you?

Probably not, but the Internet has begun to rumble with rumors that the long-awaited beta may be right around the corner. Rumors started when someone with a keen eye spotted what appears to be the Starcraft II beta running on a screen in a teaser trailer for the third season of The Jace Hall Show

Confirmation that it’s about to launch? Not really — Jace’s show is known for its scripted (but hilarious) gaming-related antics, so it’s entirely possible it’s just a little “wink wink, nudge nudge” joke Easter Egg thrown in for laughs. But on the other hand, StarCraft fan Web site Starcraftwire.net is reporting that other fan sites are allegedly getting emails from Blizzard regarding an upcoming beta. 

So the bottom line here is this: We don’t know any more than we knew before, and there’s no real news on the StarCraft II beta. But we’re never giving up hope that it’s right around the corner. We can dream, right?

StarCraft II beta rumors update [Big Download]

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