J-Pop and blood droplets haunt this Fatal Frame film trailer

Spooky problems

The next Fatal Frame game is set to hit the Wii U in Japan next month, while fans everywhere else wait with baited breath for news on if they’ll ever get to play it. One thing we can be sure of is that the coinciding Fatal Frame film wont be too hard to get your hands on, regardless of your region. The internet shall provide. It always does.

The movie looks like it has a slightly better budget than Decker. Slightly. Still, I’m excited to check it out. Game-to-movie adaptations are always interesting to watch, if just to see how much or how little “videogame logic” ends up carrying over. Seeing as Nintendo reportedly co-owns the Fatal Frame intellectual property, its possible we’ll even get a little Smash Bros.-style crossover action here. It would be great to see “gritty muscles Mario” pull up in a Benz and take down some realistic Boos. 

Fatal Frame The Movie Trailer [GoNintendo]

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