J.K. Simmons’ voice in Portal 2, sends out Mantis Men

Actor J.K. Simmons can add “Aperture Science founder” to his long list of credits, which also includes leader of the Aryan Brotherhood (Oz) and J. Jonah Jameson (Spider-Man).

Valve has confirmed that Simmons has lent his voice to Portal 2 as Aperture Science founder, Cave Johnson. Folks who attended the Valve booth at PAX East this year heard Simmons in action.

“Those of you who volunteered to be injected with praying mantis DNA,” he’s heard saying, via Joystiq, “I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is we’re postponing the test indefinitely. The good news is we’ve got a much better test for you: fighting an army of Mantis Men.”

Hope you’re a fan of Simmons, because Valve’s Eric Wolpaw says “you’ll hear a lot of him” in the game, which releases on April 18.

J.K. Simmons to voice Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson in Portal 2 [Joystiq] [Image]

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