Izuna 2 extras are ready to go

Today, Atlus announced that with every copy of Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns, players will acquire one of two reverse cover art images in the package. The image included in the game will be random, so prospective collectors will have to buy several copies to collect them all.

Also, any especially eager consumers that order through Gamestop or Amazon will have the opportunity to get some limited edition mini-posters. The Amazon poster is by far the most hilarious, and is the end result of the “best breast” bonus competition that we covered previously. The mini-posters will be located behind the reverse cover art image, so you can hide it from your mother easier.

For the unaware, Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns is the continuation of Izuna’s jobless tale. The game begins a year after the previous title, with Izuna attending a wedding for her own gluttonous reasons. After a night of partying, Izuna awakes to find her buddy Shino missing from the affair and adventures to find her.

Izuna 2 is slated to hit the Nintendo DS on July 22 this year. Check out the gallery below to view the different inserts that will be offered.

Brad BradNicholson