Iwata disappointed by Wii Music, still thinks it’s a pretty princess

While Wii Music certainly didn’t fail, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is still cutting his forearms and smashing his head against a brick wall, tears streaming down his face about the fact it never sold eighteen million billion trillion copies like everything else on the Wii. Actually, that was a lie, but he’s still disappointed.

“I agree that Wii Music, as of now, has not achieved its true potential,” claims the Nintendo boss man. “On the other hand, I feel that Wii Music is a software that elicits largely two extremely different reaction from consumers. There are people who highly appreciate it and those who do not appreciate it at all.

“For Wii Music, the impression seems to completely depend on each individual player. It is unfortunate that Wii Music was not immediately appealing enough to some consumers, but it simply might have not been the right game for them.”

Iwata admits disappointment, but is still hopeful for Wii Music, stating that if the company had simply given up on Brain Age when its original sales didn’t hit targets, it would not have been the dominant DS title it is today. 

However, Nintendo clearly has incredibly lofty goals these days, and despite the continuing success of the Wii, the company’s plan to revitalize Japan’s game market did not live up to Iwata’s expectations. 

Still, at least you have piles and piles of money to help you sleep at night, Satty!

Jim Sterling