Ittle Dew 2+ pre-orders for Switch come with a neato map

Unless you pre-order digitally…

Nicalis is on a roll with announcements today. Shortly after teasing a bunch of upcoming ports for the Switch, they’ve announced that physical pre-orders for Ittle Dew 2+ (a Zelda inspired adventure game) will come with a water resistant map. Buyers will also receive an old-school instruction manual, which is pretty damn awesome.

If you’re unsure and don’t want to pre-order the title, no need to worry. All copies of the launch edition will come with the extra goodies and I doubt this title will be a hot seller. As good as the original Ittle Dew was, it wasn’t exactly a runaway success.

Even so, I think this is neat. I like when physical goodies are included with games instead of DLC and its especially great to see an item that actually relates to the game you’re playing. I’m sure the plucky heroine of Ittle Dew would love to have a water resistant.

Nicalis, Inc. [Twitter]

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