It’s your last chance to take advantage of the incredible Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 conversion deal

Time’s tickin’

Xbox Game Pass is quite possibly the best value subscription in gaming. Right now, Microsoft is running a promotion where everyone can upgrade to the best version of Xbox Game Pass for a very nominal fee. By some mathematical property that I can’t remember (transitive?), this deal is a real banger.

 Here’s how it works: For $1, Microsoft will combine your current Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass subscriptions into a unified Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. So, say you have subscriptions to both through the end of 2019. It’d take 5 months of each and churn out a new 10-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Suddenly, you’re set through May 2020 — all for just $1.

But, you don’t need both of them for the conversion to work. Let’s say you just have six months of Xbox Live Gold. By upgrading for $1, you’ll have six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, meaning that you just rolled in a half-year of Game Pass for basically nothing.

There’s no downside to this offer. You still get all the perks of Xbox Live Gold (online multiplayer, access to exclusive discounts during sales, and the monthly Games with Gold) and the perks of Xbox Game Pass. Actually, it’s slightly enhanced because the Ultimate subscription also includes access to the newly-announced Xbox Game Pass on PC.

You’ve lollygagged long enough, but not so long as to miss out entirely. This deal ends tomorrow (July 4), at which point Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will cost $15 per month. Here’s the link to upgrade. However, you can only bank up to 36 months of Ultimate at a time. So, there’s no use buying five years of Gold to push this promotion out as far as possible. But, spending $1 means that I now have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate through June 2022 — long after Project Scarlett will be released. This promotion, which is rapidly winding down, is the best and cheapest way to invest in the present and the future of Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate [Microsoft Store]

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