It’s up to us to save the space whales in Blubber Busters

Still looking good and now on Kickstarter

The proper way to save a space whale from space-whale disease? Why, hop inside the magnificent beast and melt the parasitic sickness away with a flamethrower, of course! Just as nature intended.

This is Blubber Busters, a PC action-platform game that I agree with Steven is fun to say out loud. I dearly hope it comes out of Kickstarter successful. The art is done well, the music by Chris Christodoulou (Risk of Rain) sounds great as always, and the setting is original. A win-win-win.

The team at Thar Be Monsters (again with the fun names!) is midway through the crowdfunding campaign for Blubber Busters with around $53,000 of its desired $340,000 goal raised, so it still has quite a ways left to go. Be sure to try the demo if you like the sound of this one.

Blubber Busters [Kickstarter]

[Bonus aside: I blindly took a stab at the game’s URL thinking it had to be, and let me tell you, that is an altogether different website. This is what I wanted (or did I?).]

[Bonus aside #2: This going-inside-whales business just reminded me of the 2001 hybrid live-action/animated film Osmosis Jones. Do what you will with this information.]

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