It’s unsettlingly fun to scrub naked dudes in Rinse and Repeat

Touch that wet man body

If you know one thing about me, it’s probably that I really enjoy weird indie games about touching up hot dudes. It’s a thing I have an almost academic level of interest in. The way important life experiences can be tackled using the medium of interacting with hot naked man bodies is just something I can’t get enough of.

In the world of weird little indie games about touching up naked dudes, there are few names as well known at this point as Robert Yang, creator of that game where I jerked off a gay car for Destructoid. 

In Yang’s new game, Rinse and Repeat, you’re tasked with scrubbing down hot dudes in a public shower. Hot dudes come in, you break out the soap and water, they leave. Rinse and repeat.

After your first encounter with these hot dude bodies you’re forced to wait a while for more dudes to scrub. There’s a notice board up with what times and dates there are classes and sessions at the sport centre, meaning you’ll need to time things right if you want to scrub hot naked dudes again.

While on the surface Rinse and Repeat may seem like a silly little game with not much of substance to offer, the game actually acted as a really enlightening window into male acknowledgement or denial of sexuality.

Teenage boys shower at school eager to make sure you know that they never looked anywhere near a cock. Elderly men shower freely in public venues, not in the slightest worried what the world thinks of their todger.

Somewhere in between, a transformation of sexuality and shower etiquette takes place. This game did a fascinating job of looking at the world behind the male shower room door.

If you want to try Rinse and Repeat out for yourself, click here to touch some hot naked man junk.

Laura Dale