It’s time to rummage through the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale’s 250+ deals

Find anything good?

Ah, who doesn’t love the time-honored tradition of finding a bargain bin flooded with cheap media and then getting elbow-deep in plastic cases? There might be a real gem down there! Dig deeper! Maybe build a levee with the duds; that way you’ll be able to separate what you know you don’t want and it’ll offer unimpeded access to whatever’s at the bottom. Now that’s shopping smarter.

Get ready to do this with a bunch of Xbox games but only in spirit. That’s one of the less-thrilling downsides to digital distribution. Xbox’s Ultimate Game Sale started today and it has infinite inventory of everything. You’ll just have to pretend you’re pushing a bunch of Kinect Sports Rivals out of the way to spot a Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

As for what’s actually on sale, well, it’s a lot. Over 250 items are discounted. Many of them are Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, but some are in-game currencies. The pattern is pretty typical — newer games like Quantum Break, Dark Souls III, and Doom have modest savings while its generally older titles than wander into the 60 percent off range. Also, Red Dead Redemption is on sale which is timed nicely to the news that it’ll be backward compatible on Xbox One later this week.

Go ahead and take a gander at Xbox’s wares. There’s a bunch to sift through and seeing actual prices requires clicking through to Xbox’s storefront. It’s a minor hassle but probably worth it for anyone who’s looking to save a few bucks.

UPDATED: Ultimate Game Sale (05 – 11 July 2016) + Deals With Gold & Spotlight Sale [Major Nelson]

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