It’s time to announce BioShock: The Collection already

People are digging!

I was going to skip covering this stuff on account of how many times the still-somehow-unannounced BioShock: The Collection has popped up before, but 2K is clearly building to an imminent reveal.

First, I saw a fresh “Welcome to Rapture!” tweet this morning, and didn’t think much of it. But then people found text references to the compilation on the publisher’s site, and the cover art hosted on its servers, and now there are assorted screenshots from The Collection making the rounds.

For a side-by-side, take this new shot and compare it with the PC version of BioShock. As a reminder, the compilation is supposedly headed to PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and it includes the three games.

Most of all, I’m eager to go through BioShock 2 again. I must have been sick and totally out of it when I played it the first and only time, because I recall so absurdly little of what transpires in the story.

In fact, I mostly just remember the multiplayer — zapping people and shotgunning them was good fun. Some folks made a big fuss about that mode’s mere existence at the time, but I sure dug it.

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Jordan Devore
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