It’s time for our annual ‘make another Skies of Arcadia, cowards’ chant

Good old Kenji Hiruta still holds water for this series, like the rest of us

Look, we’ve been through this before, so I’m setting the expectation that there is no new confirmation of another Skies of Arcadia game in the slightest. Even though we all want it to be so.

But no one is quite as much of a champion for this classic RPG than Kenji Hiruta, one of the lead designers of the game. For many, many years now he’s been tweeting about it on occasion, like earlier this year when he noted that he “really, really” wanted to develop the sequel. The fervor over this particular push was so great that Hiruta said that he was even sending all of the outpouring of cries for a sequel to Sega directly: which hopefully will pay off one day.

For now, Hiruta is turning his gaze to something much more attainable: an HD remaster. Tweeting on the 20th anniversary of Skies of Arcadia, he once again notes that all of this “depends on Sega,” and that he is “working on something related to Sega of America.” He says that whatever this development is it “may be a small change, but not zero. WE are changing something.”

Vague! But of course Hiruta is bound by NDAs and can’t share what it is just yet. My guess? Merch. That would be a “small” change, but something that brings Skies of Arcadia back in the public eye again in some capacity. Perhaps Hiruta can use monetary gains to prove to Sega that people still care about this series.

It’s a longshot! But I’ll take it. You know what? I probably should make a Skies of Arcadia news tag at some point. Why not now?

Kenji Hiruta [Twitter]

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