It’s the last day to claim Bugsnax for PS5 before it leaves the PlayStation Plus rotation

Bugsnax is more than a catchy theme song

It’s your last chance to claim a free PS5 copy of Bugsnax. After January 4 – that’s today! – you’ll no longer be able to redeem the game at no extra cost with your PlayStation Plus membership. To find it, head over to the web store or use the app and grab the PS5 version (not the “PS4 & PS5” bundle).

While only the PS5 edition is up for grabs, you can claim it prior to owning the console, so if you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, there’s no reason not to. Tomorrow’s deadline is for redemption purposes only – you’ll be able to download and play Bugsnax as long as you have a PS Plus account.

We don’t always do PSAs like this, but since the promo has been up for a couple of months (longer than the usual PS Plus giveaways), I figured it was worth doing one final shout. Also, I dig this game!

Young Horses’ jovial-until-it-isn’t creature-collecting adventure garnered a lot of jokes, but beneath that silly surface, I found a genuinely fun game. Not that there was much competition at launch, but Bugsnax was one of the first PS5 games I platinumed – I had that much fun figuring out how to trap every critter. The characters are fleshed out, the gameplay and puzzles are just complicated enough, and there’s also some nice DualSense feedback implementation. In other words, it’s a good early pickup.

If you’re all good to go, check back tomorrow. The January 2021 PlayStation Plus lineup is Shadow of the Tomb Raider, GreedFall, and Maneater (PS5 only). Those three games are tagging in on January 5.

Jordan Devore
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