It’s the big one: PlayStation 4 firmware 3.0 detailed

Now batting, Herb Guy

The PS3 firmware 3.0 was probably amazing, the PS Vita 3.0 firmware changed your life, and now it’s time for the PlayStation 4 to hit the big three oh (same) as detailed in the PlayStation Blog. Taking the piss with respect to Sony firmware updates isn’t really my beat, I am literally only writing about it because it is code named “Kenshin” and I wanted to use this header.

I don’t even know what firmware is besides badly starched under garments am I right folks?

Some highlights:

  • Online storage up to 10gb from 1gb if you are PlayStation Plus
  • Live stream straight to YouTube, as with Twitch
  • Hub for in-game events, which might be helpful if you like those things
  • Favorite Groups for managing online gaming pals
  • You can create communities that sound like Steam groups
  • Video uploaded directly to Twitter (only one I care about, would be great for dumb ass stuff like Herb Guy)
  • Emoji (they’re calling them “stickers” which I assume means they want to charge money eventually)
  • You can pester friends with a “Request to watch gameplay”
Steven Hansen