It’s safe to play Team Fortress 2 on Xbox 360 now: The Orange Box gets updated

Sleep is for babies, gamers play all night! That’s right, we here at Destructoid believe that videogames are a valid substitute for a good night’s rest. As it turns out, the wonderful people at Valve share this belief with us (or maybe just Doug Lombardi?), because we just got word that the second update for The Orange Box (Xbox 360 version) is out right now.

The patch will primarily affect Team Fortress 2, as detailed below:

  • Reduced network bandwidth usage in multiplayer.
  • Improved overall game performance.
  • Arranged search results to favor preferred host conditions.
  • Improved searching for ranked games.
  • Addressed a possible false report of too little storage space on larger hard drives.

If you talk to anyone who’s played Team Fortress 2 in the last couple of weeks, you’ll most likely get one of two responses. You will hear unrivaled amounts of praise for the game if the person you’re speaking with is a PC gamer, but if he/she happens to have played TF2 on the 360, you are going to hear lots of shouting and words like “lag” and “unplayable” will be brought up constantly.

I can’t say how much better Team Fortress 2 will perform after this update (I have The Orange Box for PC), so that’s where you guys will have to come into play. Has anyone gotten a chance to try out the game with the new patch yet?

[Thanks, Doug!] 

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