It’s Poland’s Independence Day, so here’s a sale on a bunch of Polish games

Who’s the Polish Will Smith?

November 11, 1918 — the same date as the end of World War I — is when Poland became a free country for the second time. For the previous 123 years, it was ruled by other forces like the Russian Empire. Admittedly, I did not know any of this before today. I am a Bad American who really only knows the US’ Independence Day because we get an excuse to drink and to blow things up.

What I do know is that Zack and I visited Poland last month and it was a fantastic reminder that a lot of great games are developed in that country. Polish Independence Day feels like as good a reason as any to have a big ol’ PC games sale.

Games Republic, which is owned by Warsaw-based 11 bit, has more than 100 games discounted. Some highlights are Shadow Warrior for $5.99, This War of Mine for $4.99, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter for $4.99, and The Witcher 2 for $2.99. There’s a lot more to peruse.

Hit up the sale and rummage around if you’re feeling particularly cultural and celebratory. Or, if cheap PC games aren’t your thing, say “Na zdrowie!” as you tip back a shot of vodka. Both will work just fine.

Polish Games Days [Games Republic]

Brett Makedonski
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