It’s okay that Persona was delayed because Digimon World: Next Order releases soon

Valentine’s day is un-ruined

A good Digimon game needs to have just the right mix of cringeworthy cheese and skill-based combat, and it looks like Digimon World: Next Order is right on track.

The story trailer released today runs down the plot for the game, which is unsurprisingly similar to other Digimon adventures: a big robo-dinosaur is being a jerk, and your teenaged anime self and talking animal/plant/garbage friends are the only ones who can stop it.  

The bits of gameplay crammed into the video between action shots are what really has me excited though. Unlike last year’s Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Next Order is embracing real-time combat and bringing back the kind of per-skill training exercises players might remember from the original Digimon World way back on PS1. 

If you’re also borderline obsessed with the Digimon World, you’re probably going to want to pay attention to the DLC extras that come with the game if you pre-order. Namely, you can nab both the soundtrack for Digimon World: Next Order and the soundtrack for the original Digimon World PS1 game for pre-ordering. You’ll also get an item that lets you digivolve a partner Digimon into Omegamon, and an in-game set of consumable items. 

And the absolute best news: Digimon World: Next Order is coming to Europe on January 27, and North America on January 31, which is perfect timing if you need to fill that Persona 5-sized hole the JRPG’s recent delay left in your heart.

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