It’s not quite F-Zero, but Fast RMX will do for now

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I was tempted to make the title “Fast RMX is the next best thing,” but it would actually be the next next best thing, after a Wipeout game (shout-out to Team Harimau!). Successor to highly rated Fast Racing Neo, Fast RMX by German developer Shin’en (which for some reason I want to read as Shinra) is keeping the anti-gravity futuristic high-speed racing genre alive. 

30 tracks and 15 ships are available for you and up to seven friends to race in 1080p 60fps. Here’s where Switch’s multiple play methods make things complicated. The official website shows this: 

Seems simple enough, but just how strict are these controller options? Can you play with eight players on two systems of four players each? If you play split-screen with four people, do they have to use individual Joy-Con, or can they use Pro Controllers or even their own complete Joy-Con set with or without the Joy-Con grip? For online, can you not play in TV mode, with the Joy-Con grip, or a single Joy-Con?

Unless the answer is just “you can do all permutations,” people are going to have to start coming up with better ways to organize this information or it’s going to be a headache.

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