It’s never “final” with these guys

Who cares? I don’t. As long as my dusty-ass Playstation Portable gets some loving beyond the two Lumines games – and more recently, Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops – I’ll be happy. It really seems that Square Enix is set to make both PSP owners and Sony happy in the coming months.

Some new images of the lovely Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition for PSP have been popping up in Famitsu and the like, and they’re definitely worth looking at. This remake of the original Final Fantasy sports high resolution graphics redone and reformatted for the PSP screen, as well as CG cutscenes to spice things up.

The music has been overhauled too, and hopefully they’ll follow suit with previous remakes and pull from their library of fully orchestrated tracks as the PSP can totally pull that off.

Both Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition and its sequel (that isn’t to far behind in production) will feature all the additions that previous remakes contained, going all the back to the worst named system ever made: the WonderSwan.

Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition hits Japanese shelves on April 19, and the US release is expected to be some time this year.


Dale North