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Success creates expectations. Shigeru Miyamoto. Cliffy B. Hideo Kojima. These are but a few of the many stars of the videogame industry. However, there are several others, who have, time and time again, delivered unparalleled levels of enjoyment through their creations. One such designer is Tetsuya Nomura of Square Enix, the mind behind Kingdom Hearts.

Needless to say, when Nomura announces a new franchise, it turns peoples’ heads. Of course, not everyone knows of this new offering from Square, so allow me a moment to explain.

Subarashiki Kono Sekai or It’s a Wonderful World is a game by the team behind Kingdom Hearts, in development for the DS. The game takes place in modern Japan, and centers around the duo of Sakuraba Neku and Misaki Shiki. Here’s an excerpt from the game’s Wikipedia entry:

Both are forced to play the mysterious “Death’s Game” by the Shinigami Corp and must win it within the seven-day time limit or else be negated from existence. Neku’s empathic abilties are essential to gather the clues needed, but also to detect the Noise, monsters that dwell inside a person’s thoughts and are an hindrance to the heroes. Character designs are handled by Tetsuya Nomura who brings his distinctive art style to the game.

Side Cross Battle System, the game’s combat system, uses both screens: Shiki on the top screen and Neku on the bottom, and the fights take place simultaneously. Players uses the touch screen to move and attack with Neku. His abilities so far are lightning, fire, telekinesis (moving objects), and healing. Players also control Shiki with the D-Pad, which is tapped for techinques.

The game does sound intriguing, and I quite like the style depicted in the scans. It’s nice to see Square isn’t just planning to milk Final Fantasy sequels and spin-offs for the rest of their lives. The game’s official site can be accessed here. Give it a look, the music is awesome.

[Via Final Fantasy Republic]

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