It’s a ‘three free game’ kinda week on the Epic Games Store

Another chance to grab Watch Dogs 2

It feels like head-turning stuff has been happening all over the gaming news cycle lately. Xbox finally revealed the Series S and gave us next-gen pricing and release date info. Sony followed suit yesterday with a dedicated games showcase and PS5 price and launch date. On the PC side, the earth-shattering RTX 3080 cards came out and no one can find them. There’s a lot going on!

Which is why it’s important that we pump out a meat-and-potatoes kinda post every now and then. You know, a blue jeans and lunch pail kinda post. Maybe it’s not sexy and maybe it’s not head-turning. It’s the kinda post that shows up on-time, puts its nose to the grindstone, and gets the job done.

I am, of course, talking about the weekly Epic freebies post. This week, it’s another opportunity to nab Watch Dogs 2 for free. Recently, you had a chance to pick it up through Uplay. Now you have a chance to pick it up through the Epic Games Store.

The other two games are solid in their own right. Stick It to the Man is a quirky platformer that a lot of people adore. Football Manager 2020 is a niche sports simulator that has a dedicated cult following. Everything this week certainly has its audience.

Next week’s freebie might throw you through a loop. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition is the lone announced Epic Games Store freebie. Surely there will be some other attractions to complement it.

Football Manager 2020, Stick It to the Man!, Watch Dogs 2 [Epic Games Store]

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